A studio apartment with a sunny atmosphere

Zen of project

The apartment, for which Anastasia Totskaya has designed the interior, is intended for renting. The small space should be functional and include everything you need: from sleeping space to a comfortable workspace. Tenants change frequently, and all have their own needs: some come for work, and some for leisure. This is why Anastasia had the difficult task of creating an interior for tenants whom she had never seen.


  • OAK


As the basis Anastasia took cheerful and warm shades, so that everyone could feel at home. Coziness is felt not only in the chosen color palette, but also in the accessories, furniture, textiles, and of course in the decoration. The floor covering was decided to be made of porcelain stoneware with imitation of natural wood texture. Anastasia and the client fell in love with the Selection collection, with the delicate, light texture of oak. Thus it was possible to preserve the concept of the project and create a covering that will be durable for many years.

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