A spacious bathroom in style of French classics

Zen of project

The designer Anna Gudieva is the creator of the interior. Having a lot of space to implement ideas, she arranged the bathroom "in a big way". In addition to a large bathtub of rounded forms, Anna placed a shower cabin for greater comfort of the owners. It was a good solution, since each of the clients has its own pace of life and its own habits. For him - a functional shower, and for her - a deep bath for relaxation.


  • GOLD


A smart placement of lamps was very important for such a spacious room, where there are many zones. As a tried-and-true solution, Anna used LED lights to enhance the brightness in the space. More interesting lights, which also became decorative elements, are installed on the sides of the mirror. They give off a muted warm light that adds a touch of romance. And the "cherry on the cake" is a massive chandelier hanging in the center of the ceiling. It is a real decoration of the bathroom. Despite the size, the chandelier does not look bulky. On the contrary, thanks to its pendants made of matt structured glass it gives the impression of a fragile and weightless construction. The finish adds luxury to the bathroom. For the 'wet' room, Anna has chosen porcelain stoneware from the premium Ametis by Estima line, Supreme collection, with gold veins. The porcelain stoneware does not absorb moisture and is easy to care for. For these precious qualities, it is so beloved by both Anna and the customers.

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