Apartment design in a modern style

Zen of project

Tatiana Yachmeneva designed a project for a turnkey apartment. She chose a modern style, which is the most universal and topical today. Tatyana also used popular combinations of materials in the finishes. For example, she used a combination of marble and wood in all the rooms.


  • GOLD


One of the most resistant finishing materials is porcelain stoneware. It was used to finish part of the entrance area - the Supreme (Gold) collection. Porcelain stoneware is probably the ideal choice in this room, as it does not absorb water and dirt, and the material is easy to care for. You can also see porcelain stoneware in other areas of the apartment. For example, in the kitchen-living room it decorates the kitchen floor and the TV wall in the living room. In these areas too, Tatiana chose the Supreme marble collection in two colors: Gold and Platinum.

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