Bathroom in a milky shade

Zen of project

Light tones in the design of bathrooms have long become a popular classic. White, milky, crème brûlée - the finishing materials in such colors do not show splashes from water and soap stains. Therefore, a light finishing is considered not only beauty but also usability

For her project, Anastasia Merzlikina chose porcelain tiles in milky shade from the premium Supreme collection for the floor covering. She highlighted the walls with decorative tiles Supreme d10 with an unobtrusive pattern that resembles a thin cobweb. 




The combination of texture and color made the bathroom interior special, and, of course, helped to zone the room. Smart ergonomics was extremely important for the space, because the bathroom is a combined one and was designed for a family. Anastasia had to choose not only a universal color that the customers would like, but also to plan the room in such a way that the family members would feel comfortable in the bathroom, even all together.

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