Bold solutions: a project of bright kitchen&dining room

Zen of project

A small room is always a challenge for a designer, as the limited space requires well thought-out ergonomics. Designer Rybakova Milyayusha has developed a project for a kitchen, not only for everyday cooking, but also for quiet family dinners with a glass of wine. 




The kitchen has access to the backyard. Panoramic doors let in a lot of light and highlight the finishing of the room. For example, a soft blue kitchen apron that flows seamlessly into the wall made of porcelain stoneware from Spectrum collection. A bold decision in the project was the choice of color palette. In addition to the intense finishing, the designer has chosen contrasting furniture: chairs with velvet upholstery of wine color and cherry kitchen fronts. In tandem with unusual accessories, they set the mood for the entire project.

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