Bright office design

Zen of project

Anna Golikova has created a fashionable office interior inspired by the aesthetics of the film 'The Devil Wears Prada', in particular the office of one of the main characters - the austere and sophisticated Miranda Priestly. The space is full of unusual design solutions: here there are rack and pinion ceiling inserts of undulating shape, which echo the furniture, and tiered chandelier, reminiscent of a mobile, and a contrasting play of colors in the decoration.


  • GOLD


Anna has thought out the layout in detail, so that the clients will not be bored during their breaks in the renovated office. There is a mini-greenhouse, a seating area, and a spacious meeting room with a "green" panel.

The finish is built on the contrast of black and white. The ceiling and walls are painted, and for the floor there is a more solid solution - porcelain stoneware. Still, a glamorous office cannot look 'simple'. The Supreme collection (SM02), with a marble pattern on the surface, added a touch of sophistication.

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