Country house in a pine forest

Zen of project

This project is a development for future realization. The house is designed for a family of three people. On the territory will also be located: a guest house with a bathhouse, a garage with a shed for two parking spaces, outbuildings and gazebo next to the artificial pond. The site for the construction is located in a pine forest, so in this case, the place itself determines the style of architecture and interior decoration of the house. They should become part of the available space, part of nature and pristine.




Kailas (00) porcelain stoneware from the premium Ametis by Estima line was chosen for the floor in 800x1600mm format for the entire 158 sq. m. house and 69 sq. m. terrace. The homogeneity of the floor inside and outside the house makes it possible to expand space and erase the boundaries defined by the walls of the house. Part of the terrace is decorated with porcelain tiles from the Selection collection (04). Kailas porcelain stoneware (02) was chosen for the walls of the room. The ceiling height of 3600mm makes it possible to demonstrate the beauty of the board using a large format of 800x1600mm, and the variety of prints in the collection makes the interior live, natural and unique. The incredible quality of Ametis by Estima products makes it possible to convey a truly natural, organic image of cuts of stone, wood and other materials, with which it becomes a fascinating and uncomplicated task to integrate the project into a forest landscape.

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