Kitchen-dining room in a modern style

Zen of project

Filled with light, the kitchen-dining room designed by Margarita Klukina is made of natural materials. This is where meals are prepared and served immediately - a favorite format for many people to plan their space. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to the finishing materials. They need to be durable and easy to care for. After all, the cooking area is always subject to the fall of kitchen cookware and the appearance of stains after cooking culinary masterpieces.


  • GREY


Porcelain stoneware meets these requirements. It does not absorb moisture and dirt, so any kind of dirt just wipe with a wet rag and, if necessary, use a soap solution. And thanks to the impact resistance, the porcelain tiles will not crack when hit with a ladle or a cup. That is why Margarita decorated the floor and the kitchen apron with porcelain stoneware from the Kailas collection, with the texture of natural stone and an unusual pattern. The space itself is designed without any frills. There are no bulky kitchen cupboards, but instead there are shelves for all the essentials like spices and crockery. The fronts are made of wood and go well with the stone finish. The furniture echoes this. The streamlined chandelier, which looks like an alien object, and the metal pipe hood add modernity to the interior.

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