Kitchen-living room filled with art

Zen of project

The client is a young businesswoman who likes fashion and beauty. Aesthetics in every detail of the interior was important for her. The girl wanted to combine femininity and softness in the project, but at the same time the apartment should be bright and "spicy". It was important to make a stylish interior. 

"We are choosing the finishing materials very carefully. Alexey Vykhodets's design studio works in the premium segment with people who understand the meaning of design," says Alexey himself. We have been working with Estima for a long time and have chosen it for internal and external finishing of houses for several reasons: the quality of materials, a wide range of sizes and styles, and comfortable interaction with the company's representatives.




The texture of the porcelain stoneware highlighted the various wall finishes. In the kitchen-living room the designer used a large-format porcelain stoneware from the collection Mármulla MA 00. The size is 80x160 with a polished surface. "We chose porcelain stoneware not only for the kitchen apron, but also for the countertop and bar top. The description on the Estima website states that "the porcelain stoneware will be a dominant accent in an expensive interior and will suit those who prefer only the best." That description fits our kitchen-living room perfectly," the bureau owner justified his choice.

And indeed, this room is the real center of attraction of the entire apartment. A place where you want to feel calm and comfort, enjoy the elegance of the interior and harmony in every detail.

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