Spacious apartment in a modern style

Zen of project

Design of apartment that will never go out of style - Oleg Novogorodsky has developed a project in the business-class housing estate "Vavilova-4". The space is decorated in neutral tones of gray and brown, which have a calming effect on people. An abundance of finishing materials imitating natural wood and stone "bring" the home interior closer to nature.


  • GREY


For example, Daintree, Spectrum and Kailas, collections of porcelain stoneware from the premium Ametis by Estima range, were chosen to decorate floors and walls in all the rooms. To create accents, the Spectrum collection in a salmon shade was chosen. The designer paid a lot of attention to space ergonomics: high recessed baseboards, hidden doors, kitchen furniture without handles, and modern lighting, the location of which can be changed during usage. It is noteworthy that the window sills, window jambs and baseboards are made of porcelain stoneware as well, which gives the project a unified and complete look.

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